I'm Bec

… and I’m a graphic designer/web designer/marketer and this is my creative outlet. I’ve been making and creating all my life and made my way back to clay after doing a course 7 years ago. Since this course I have been immersed in all things clay!

Over the past few months I have been creating a slipcast collection in my backyard studio. Slipcasting is where you make a mould out of plaster from a form and once the plaster mould is dry, the mould is filled with liquid clay until it dries enough to make a clay shell of the item. The clay is then poured out and then left to set. Once removed from the mould you have a clay object ready to be fired. I make all my moulds and for forms I use existing objects like bottles as well as clay prototypes I also make myself.

All my ceramics are functional and food safe. I like to use dreamy glaze combinations or quirky patterns to decorate my ceramics. I’m always thinking of new things to make and add to my collection. I just can’t stop creating!

I’ll be updating my shop on a regular basis, feel free to follow my socials and also subscribe to my newsletter. I promise I won’t send too many.

If you have any questions or request please send me an email. If there is an item you’re interested in but it’s out of stock, send me an email and I’ll let you know when it’s back in stock.

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