Tell us a bit about yourself?
We moved to the Clarence Valley from Sydney 10 years ago and have since started a family so we are here to stay. I’m a graphic designer and photographer and I’ve always loved making things. I’ve done a lot of crafts but my latest love is clay, which I’ve been doing for 3 years.

Can you explain your craft and the materials you like to use?
I make functional pottery pieces that range from planters to small ring dishes to cups and everything in between. I use a variety of midfire clay in white and speckled as well as coloured clay and slip that I have mixed myself. All my work is fired two times and I have started to use matt glazes, which are becoming a favourite of mine. I also apply decals to some of my work and fire them a third time. I use decals that are old illustrations that have been released into the public domain for use.

What is your creative process?
I guess my process starts backwards, first I decided on what I want to make whether it’s a bowl or a cup as this will determine how I treat the clay in the glaze and making phase. For example my decal work needs a smooth surface where as the matt glazes work well on a textured surface. You will often find kitchen utensils in my studio; the meat tenderiser is one of my favourite texture tools. I also use textured rolling pins to create patterns in the clay.

Where do you like to get your inspiration?
I tend to get inspiration from other art forms like shibori fabric dying and patterns I like. For example dots always tend to get a feature. I’m always looking for inspiration in everyday life whether it’s a colour combination or a texture. Inspiration really is everywhere I just have to remember to write it down or head to studio straight away and start making.

What works do you have on show this month at Ferry Park?
I don’t like to stick to one thing so you will see a variety of techniques and styles in my work. I have a variety of cups as well as small ring dishes to matt bowls. I also have a range of decal pottery. There are a few planters as well a new range of earrings I made especially for this show.


I also like to play with clay and you can follow my pottery journey on my instagram page